The Overwhelmed Servant – Avoiding the Three Traps of Spiritual Burnout

What are the concerns of an Overwhelmed Servant?

  • Did I make a mistake taking this job or coming into the ministry?
  • Am I no longer fulfilled in my job, or considering leaving?
  • I feel I’ve become so ineffective and dissatisfied in my job.
  • I’ve cared for others, but not cared for my own heart and soul.
  • I feel numb; the passion and motivation that fueled me is gone.

Who are the Overwhelmed Servants?

The Overwhelmed Servant: Avoiding the Three Traps of Spiritual Burnout is the result of a career-long study of faith-based leaders, addressing solutions for leaders in ministry and corporations to transform stressful behaviors to avoid burnout.

Archibald Hart, Ph.D., FPPR, Senior Professor of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary states it best:

“Dr. Rausch addresses a very serious problem in Christian leadership. He correctly identifies the three most significant traps that face Christian leadership. With insight and Biblical perspective, he offers sound guidance and informed hope for those who find themselves succumbing to the pitfalls of overzealousness. This is a very valuable resource for Christian leadership.”

What you will Learn

  • Learn how to get your heart back into your work and your ministry.
  • Learn how to discover close and authentic relationships.
  • Learn how to identify relationships that keep you grounded, humble, and know the real
  • Learn how to protect yourself from exhaustion and burnout.
  • Learn to avoid the 24/7 mentality to energize your work.


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Now, this much-needed information is being offered to churches, Christian groups and faith based organizations through presentations led by Dr. Bob Rausch. Uniting his knowledge of Psychology and Theology, Dr. Bob helps churches, companies and individuals avoid spiritual burnout.